``Every human being is the author of his own health or disease`` - Buddha

Are you tired of conventional medicine and feel like you have tried everything and now have lost hope?

Would you like a real resolution to your chronic health concern instead of just taking another pill?

Do you no longer enjoy the things you used to because of pain or fatigue?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, then acupuncture therapy may be the solution you’re searching for. This natural health alternative can bring you the relief you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking at acupuncture for insomnia, back pain, migraines, anxiety, weight loss, or other reasons, this may be your answer. Discover the benefits of acupuncture for yourself at our South Carolina center.


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Feeling Good is the Point

Our goal is to assist our clients and increase wellness using the traditional techniques of acupuncture therapy along with natural herbs, bodywork, massage, and diet.

Using acupuncture we balance your energy and blood flow allowing your body to treat itself
Herbal Therapy
Herbs remedies prescribed to restore energy balance, and supplement your bodies natural healing.
Thai Muscle Manipulation therapy combines stretching, acupressure, and massage to regain motion and alleviate pain.
Stimulate blood flow and energy to correct imbalances due to injury and illness

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Bay Erickson

Bay Erickson

“My sister set me up with Leslie and in a short period of time I was able to sleep and move without pain” Read More

Aaron Garrison

Aaron Garrison

“Grade-A acupuncture and grade-A people…I recently visited Acupuncture Works, totally unplanned, and it proved to be a wonderful experience” read more

Sabina Nelson

Sabina Nelson

“She’s an amazing listener and pinpoints your needs even some you didn’t know you had” read more

Brian Loftus

Brian Loftus

“I had read about others with my condition having success with acupuncture. After asking around, everyone’s whose opinion I respected recommended Leslie” read more

Race Wilder

Race Wilder

“The best help and pain relief I have had in years. Dr. Leslie Jafrake is warm, gentle and compassionate.” read more

Lisa Kyzer

Lisa Kyzer

“I could write a book to how amazing Leslie has been in my life. She gave me the most amazing gift in the world.” read more


Diseases That Can Be Addressed With Acupuncture

Acupuncture improves the body’s functions and promotes the natural self-healing process by stimulating specific anatomic sites, commonly referred to as acupuncture points, or acupoints. The most common method used to stimulate acupoints is the insertion of fine, sterile needles into the skin. Pressure, heat, or electrical stimulation may further enhance the effects. Other acupoint stimulation techniques include: manual massage, moxibustion or heat therapy, cupping, and the application of topical herbal medicines and liniments.

Hundreds of clinical studies on the benefits of acupuncture show that it successfully treats conditions ranging from musculoskeletal problems (back pain, neck pain, and others) to nausea, migraine headaches, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and infertility.

Induction of labor
Knee pain
Low back pain
Malposition of fetus, correction
Morning sickness
Nausea and vomiting
Neck pain
Periarthritis of shoulder
Postoperative pain

Alcohol dependence and detoxification
Cancer pain
Female infertility
Opium, cocaine and heroin dependence
Premenstrual syndrome
Spine pain, acute
Stiff neck
Rheumatoid arthritis
Tennis elbow


Frequently Asked Questions

Some insurance companies will pay for acupuncture, so check with your plan. We will be happy to provide a Superbill with your diagnosis code and billing code for you to submit directly to your provider.

Medicare does not cover acupuncture, however, secondary or supplemental coverage may. Check with your insurance provider, and we will be happy to provide a Superbill for you to submit for reimbursement.

Nope! You may feel a slight sensation when your acupuncturist inserts a tiny needle, but it’s much less noticeable than getting a vaccine shot. That’s because the needles are much thinner. You may feel a heaviness, numbness, tingling, or mild soreness after the needles have been put in, but these temporary sensations will pass.

Acupuncture is an Eastern form of medicine. The insertion of needles produces natural chemicals in the body called endorphins, which help decrease your perception of pain to bring about relief. The overall goal of acupuncture therapy is to reduce pain while increasing blood flow and stimulating muscles and nerves throughout the body.

Both acute and chronic illnesses can be addressed with acupuncture. Because everyone responds differently, the number of treatment sessions can vary for each individual.

Typically, the longer the patient has the condition, the longer the course of treatment before they experience substantial or lasting results. Acupuncture can be done as often as five times a week, or as little as once a month.

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