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Some insurance companies will pay for acupuncture, so check with your plan. We will be happy to provide a Superbill with your diagnosis code and billing code for you to submit directly to your provider.

Medicare does not cover acupuncture, however, secondary or supplemental coverage may. Check with your insurance provider, and we will be happy to provide a Superbill for you to submit for reimbursement.

Nope! You may feel a slight sensation when your acupuncturist inserts a tiny needle, but it’s much less noticeable than getting a vaccine shot. That’s because the needles are much thinner. You may feel a heaviness, numbness, tingling, or mild soreness after the needles have been put in, but these temporary sensations will pass.

Acupuncture is an Eastern form of medicine. The insertion of needles produces natural chemicals in the body called endorphins, which help decrease your perception of pain to bring about relief. The overall goal of acupuncture therapy is to reduce pain while increasing blood flow and stimulating muscles and nerves throughout the body.

Both acute and chronic illnesses can be addressed with acupuncture. Because everyone responds differently, the number of treatment sessions can vary for each individual.

Typically, the longer the patient has had a particular condition, the longer the course of treatment before they experience substantial or lasting results. Acupuncture treatments can be done as often as five times a week, or as little as once a month.

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