Chinese Herbs for Spring Allergy Relief

Sneezing, wheezing, itchy watery eyes during spring? Yup. You’ve got seasonal allergies. After the long winter slumber who doesn’t want to get out and get some fresh air? With Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, you don’t have to be stuck indoors waiting for the pollen to pass. You can treat your symptoms and gain the Spring Allergy Relief you require.

My teacher explained to me that mostly allergies affect developing countries. We have filtered air and super clean food and also don’t get outside often enough. This leads us not to be exposed to allergens. He suggested that one way to combat allergies is to get out and walk. No more than 20 minutes daily as pollen begins to build. Deep respiration and perspiration are necessary. As the pollen get heavier our bodies will have a small daily dose. Almost like a little allergy shot. Following the walk is to take a shower and be sure all clothes are laundered as to not have pollen on your skin and hair for the remainder of the day.

Two Chinese Herbal formulas that have proven to be an enormous help in my clinic are Bi Yan Wan and Pi Min Gan Wan. Bi Yan Wan (Cool Sinus Teapill) is used for nasal congestion or rhinitis with watery or thick yellow discharge, sneezing, and red itchy eyes. Very Useful for seasonal day fever, common cold, and sinus infection.

When your predominant symptoms are acute or chronic sinus congestion marked by thick yellow nasal discharge then Pi Min Gan Wan is the formula for you. Lifestyle choices are also important in combating allergies. Minimize dairy and refined foods as these make phlegm and congestion worse.

Acupuncture can offer immediate relief for some symptoms but also strengthens our bodies immune functions so that allergens do not bother us so much. Here is some acupressure to apply for sinus congestion. Between our eyebrows (Yintang) with medium pressure press and use a circular motion for about one minute. On either side of your nose just at the corner again press in a circular motion for 1 minute.

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