Meet the Team: Acupuntcure Works practitioners are kind, caring and compassionate, and licensed for practice in the state of South Carolina. Each of our practitioners have a range of backgrounds allowing us to offer varied acupuncture care with further reach.

While it’s great to see the same practitioner, we work as a team. If you are unable to schedule with your usual acupuncturist, no worries. With our coordinated patient care, you can be assured to receive continuity in your personalized treatment plan.

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Leslie Jafarace

President and Owner
Leslie Jafarace is owner and practitioner of Acupuncture Works. After studying in Oriental Medicine in Austin Texas (2002) she worked in London And on cruise ships developing the skill needed to fullfill her dreams of opening a clinic here on…
Having been raised in a traditional Chinese household in New Jersey, Ms. Eva Yu saw firsthand the effects that acupuncture and herbal medicine had on her parents. Curious as to how it worked, she decided to study acupuncture and headed off to China to pursue her studies.

Eva Yu


Throughout those 7 years, she studied under Chinese doctors that were the best in their fields and even rotated different hospital departments to further understand the integration between Chinese and modern medicine. In addition to Eva’s formal Acupuncture and Herbal Formula training, she also went on to study the adjunct therapies of Tuina, Cupping, Guasha, Electrical Stimulation, Moxibustion, and Cosmetic Acupuncture.

Stephen Warren Acupuncture Works Pawleys Island SC

Utilizing postural and gait analysis along with Muscle Testing™ and Assisted Stretching Postures from Thai Massage, Stephen takes his clients out of an in-balanced postural state of being and into a state of functional strength and awareness through his broad expanse of hands-on training and knowledge of the human body. He also works to educate and guide each of his patients so that they themselves can increase and maintain their personal goals of a pain-free, balanced and functional lifestyle.

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